My name is Gergő Almási from Budapest, Hungary. If we haven’t met yet, and somehow missed the opportunity to get to know each other, consider this my honest and humble effort to correct this mistake, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation.

Please feel free to contact me via email, Facebook,  and phone to arrange our further cooperation.


I am a player, a referee and a coach. With an overwhelming enthusiasm towards this sport I found myself being involved in almost every aspect of it. My main goal is to make Snooker available for a greater number of people. I decided to do this not only through bringing home new ideas, concepts and information from my travels abroad, but also with teaching the game from the very basics to an advanced level where new players get a strong foundation for later development.



With the EBSA Coaching qualification and the WPBSA Child Protection accreditation I widened the spectrum of techniques that I use. My concept on coaching Snooker involves mental training as well as the rock solid basics, while also adapting to the players own temper, style and physique. With my own knowledge on the most important areas I also piece together different techniques that are commonly accepted. I’ll also help with fine-tuning later on!



As an international Referee I take part in EBSA and WSF events as much as possible, and also recently got a chance to prove myself at World Snooker, which I’m also looking forward to very much in the future.


Coaching is an absolutely personalized method of series of structured conversations followed by certain actions. This is to help you find the perfect solutions for your own questions, issues and entanglements that emerge in everyday life, even things you might not be fully aware of, but dragging you back. It will help you with stress-management and solving your problems on the longer run as well, you will get a personal tool for your own way of thinking and living. No two situations are quite alike, there is no perfect way of doing things. In Coaching we emphasise our efforts on the present and on the solutions of the future, instead on yesterday’s problems. This method will give you support in determining short and long term goals, clarifying your view on present opportunities and helps you discover your own instruments to reach the state you want to be in!

Problematic things which coaching will help you with:
– Time management
– Conflict resolution
– Lowering stress
– Adapting to changes